When World Wide Web (www) started then, Blog is a term that not much of the people known to, but in the late 2008 or around 2007 I think, this word Blog is known to a few or a handful people. But know, in this era of 2016, the term blog and blogging are quite known to everyone.

what is blogging and how to start it

And if not then they might have heard it somewhere or read it somewhere. Not like the old 90’s or 2000’s when people even didn’t know or heard this term ever before.

Introduction to What is Blog

what is blog

So if you are new to term Blog or just heard it somewhere, then let me tell you that “Blog” is a simple word that means a website or personal journal or diary that is updated on a daily basis with the latest entries called posts.

So this is the previous definition of the blog which was used in the early phase when the blog just started.

But nowadays it has the definition as – A website that consists of various entries called posts and needed to be updated as soon as possible for the better results.

Blogging over the last few years has changed drastically. In the beginning, people used it as a diary over the internet so that many over the web can read about their personal life or talks.

But soon it changed to just sharing your thoughts on a product and then just to make money from it as many of us do these days. The primary motive of maximum bloggers out there in the blogosphere is just to make money anyhow from their websites.

So this is all about what is a blog, but there are many other things related to blog that you might want to know or you may even hear about them, and those terms are –

Blogging – Act of writing a blog post

Blogger – Person who writes the blog

Blogosphere – The community of Blogs and Bloggers

What is Blogging?

what is blogging

Blogging is just an art of writing a blog post for your website or blog, and it is a popular term these days in the fast moving digital world. In the beginning, people just do blogging for the people over the internet know about their personal life, but now it all came to money and sharing the experience with the fellow bloggers and other people around the web.

Why is blogging popular?

There are many reasons one opts for Blogging, and some of those reasons are as follows –

  • People loves to make money from home and blogging gives you the best chance of doing so.
  • Search engines love the fresh content, and that’s where blogging gives the best option as you update a blog every day or at least three to four times a week.
  • It is the best way to make your visitors/viewers/clients up to date about the latest happenings related to your blogging niche.

Who is a Blogger?

who is a blogger

Blogger is a person who involves in writing a blog post. Here it is to be noted that Blogger from Google and this term Blogger mentioned here (who writes the blog posts) are both different words. So if you are having a blog and wants to do blogging, then you have to write the post on your blog, and in that case, you became a blogger.

What is a Blogosphere?

As there is a community of almost everything these days so is the case with blogging, and the community of blogs and their bloggers is known as Blogosphere.

How to start a Blog and Blogging?

There are two different ways you can opt for starting your blog and blogging career. The first one is a cheap one and the second one is somewhat costly but effective.

You can choose any of the two methods to start your blog.

First Method-


free blogging ideas

There are many web2.0 sites these days that let you start a website for free as they provide you a free domain and hosting. All you need in this case is just an internet connection and time to write posts on your blog. There are many top class web2.0 sites like Blogspot, WordPress.org, Tumblr, HubPost, and much more that let you do this thing for free.

All you need to do is to sign up on these websites, choose your domain name, choose the template and just start writing your posts and publish them.

Second Method-

domain name and hosting

Whereas in the second mode, you can opt for a paid process. All you need is to visit a domain and hosting provider websites like GoDaddy, BlueHost, NameCheap, Hostgator or any of the best hosting and domain provider. After that buy a domain name and hosting plan and after that just install the WordPress CMS on it which is a most used content management system these days.

In this method, you can make your website customizable as WordPress gives you the freedom to choose the variety of themes and plugins to make your site or blog attractive and easy to navigate.

The second method will cost you some not some but a tiny amount of money but you will get the best deal as everything for free is not the best one.

And also not all the free web2.0 websites give you the chance to earn money as Google says you must have a primary domain of your own to monetize your site with Google Adsense and make money from that.

So my recommendation is to use the free service, in the beginning, to just give a start to your writing and then when you know how to write perfectly then shift to WordPress and start to earn some money.

Wrap Up

So it’s time to wrap up the whole story in a few points.

  • A Blog is a website where one has to write posts and keep the site updated regularly.
  • Blogging is the art of writing the blog post and make the blog famous among the viewers across the world.
  • Blogger is a person who does blogging and writes the blog posts.
  • The Blogosphere is the community of the bloggers from across the globe.
  • It’s better to start blogging for free and when you think you are ready to rock then move or shift towards the paid method.

So I hope you got your answers about what is a blog and blogging. Soon I will tell you How to buy a Domain name and Hosting and much more about Blogging. Till then enjoy the day and let us know if there is something more we can add to this article, just feel free to comment below and let us know your ideas. Maybe they are worth sharing with others as it is always a pleasure to learn new things.

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