Search Engine Optimization is all about backlinks when it comes to ranking a website apart from the content. Search engines like Google rely on Page Rank algorithm which determines the ranking of a web page based on the backlinks it has, though Google denies this for long. Is it not? Awesome content along with backlinks is the way to position your website on the top of SERPs.

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Grabbing the quality backlinks is the best way to get over your competition and increase the traffic for your website. A good webmaster treats the backlinks preciously and always strives to improve their backlink profile. Backlink Checker Tools help you to figure out the backlinks of your competitors and thereby shows you the possibility of seizing the new link opportunities.

The Internet is jam-packed with thousands of SEO tools. There are numerous free and paid backlink checker tools which claim that they are the best. In fact, there are only a handful of tools which helps you to analyze the backlinks in a proper manner.

Free Backlink Checker by ZigStat is certainly one of them. In this article, we’ll explore some of the cool features of ZigStat’s Free Backlink Checker and also see why it is one of the best backlink tools out there.

Let’s dive in without any further delay!

Features of ZigStat Backlink Checker Tool

ZigStat provides all kinds of tools which are needed for the complete website analysis and SEO audit. They collect the data from a number of authoritative sources to give you the perfect reports on your website. To generate a proper statistical and analytical report ZigStat collects various metrics from the best sources.

Apart from Backlink Checker tool, ZigStat also provides other SEO tools like Page Load Speed Checker,  Social Media Performance Checker, Reverse IP Domain Checker, Traffic Sources & Graph Report etc

Easy Interface

The problem with most of the SEO tools is they are not easy to use as the page looks cluttered because of various sections. Backlink Checker Tool from ZigStat is well-designed and it is extremely easy to use. You just need to enter the URL of your website or your competitor’s website on the text box and click on the Go! button. It generates a detailed report on the website within seconds.

All the stats and backlinks are properly categorized and it is pretty comfortable to study them.

Top Backlinks

Backlink Checker by Zigstat

Analyzing the backlinks is not as easy as it seems. Each and every site has got tons of backlinks and it is really important to know the top backlinks to analyse the primary backlink profile of the website. ZigStat Backlink Checker Tool works smart and it shows all the top backlinks of a website in a simple format. Firstly, you will know whether the Backlink is No Follow or Do Follow.

Next, the category of the website is shown. It helps you to analyse the relevant links. Over a hundred top backlinks are shown. Under that, we have the remaining backlinks. The best part is anchor text of those backlinks are provided, so you need not open the link to know the anchor keywords of your competitors.

ZigStat Backlink Checker is surely one of the best free Backlink Checker tools which saves you a lot of time when you are analyzing the Backlink profile of your competitors.

Complete SEO Report

ZigStat Backlink Checker Tool is probably the only SEO tool which provides the in-depth detailed reports for free. It is comparable with the paid tools like Ahrefs or Moz when it comes to the stats it provides in the report. Firstly, it provides the estimated value of the website and the domain age. It provides various stats like Page Speed, Moz PA, Moz Rank, Moz DA and Code Text Ratio %.

Under that, we’ll see the best keywords which are driving the traffic to the website from the search engines. The cool thing is it shows the position of the website for that particular keyword. The next thing in the report is Alexa Rank, Page Rank and Sistrix Rank. Next, come the SEMRush Stats and MozStats.

Now, the most crucial section of the backlinks. It’ll show a detailed backlink profile which includes Sites linking in, Domains linking, IPs linking, NoFollow backlinks, DoFollow links, Total backlinks etc. You can see the backlinks of the website. Almost 100 backlinks are shown in the report. Traffic and the countries map are placed under the backlinks.


zigstat backlink checker tool

Almost all the backlink checker tools are paid one. It’s not easy for the newbie webmasters to purchase the SEO tools. The best thing about ZigStat’s Backlink Checker tool is it is a free tool. Instead of paying monthly subscription fees for the paid tools, it is better to use reliable tools like ZigStat Backlink Checker tool to kickstart your internet business.

How to use Zigstat Backlink Checker?

In order to use the Zigstat Backlink Checker just visit

You will land on the backlink checker page and there you need to put the URL of the website for which you want to check the backlinks.

Zigstat 1

After you put your URL and hit the “Go!” button, a list of backlinks will appear below like this –

Zigstat 2

This report shows you a complete detail about the backlinks like Number of backlinks from a URL, URL of the site from where the link is taken and also the page to which the link points.

After this, you can see more backlinks options too –

Zigstat 3

This is how easy this Zigstat Backlink Checker tool is to use. Now just don’t sit back give it a go.

Wrapping up…

Search Engine Optimization techniques frequently change. Search engines strive to upgrade their algorithms constantly and it makes it hard for the SEOs to get the best results. SEOs need to upgrade their tool kit to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, most of the tools are paid and they are out of reach for the beginner internet marketers. ZigStat tools are wonderful suite to start your SEO efforts.

Backlink Checker tool is undoubtedly one of the best tools and you need not pay a dime for it. However, it would be great if they list out all the backlinks of the website instead of showing 100 or so. ZigStat Backlink Checker Tool is definitely a nice addition to the arsenal of any SEO. It helps a lot especially for the new webmasters who cannot afford to get a paid monthly-subscription based tools.

The interface is simple and anyone can use it with ease. The report is detailed enough to create some actionable plan to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Apart from the backlink checker tool, there are a dozen useful tools on the ZigStat website.

ZigStat tools help you to research your competitor’s website and their keywords. Of course, the backlink checker tool provides the list of your competitor’s backlinks so that you can spot their backlink patterns and grab the new link building opportunities.

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